Linda Fernandez, address: PO Box 356, Grand Ronde, OR 97347
, phone: (503) 879-8383,
herein termed the Seller and
name:                                                              ,

address:                                                           ,

phone:               , herein termed the Buyer, on:           hereby enter into and agree to abide by the terms set forth herein and consider this to be a legal and binding contract.

The Seller hereby sells to the Buyer for the sum of $         and the following terms and conditions, a dog described as:

 Breed: Chow Chow, Whelped on:               ,Sex:    ,

        Color:          , AKC number:                        ,

        Microchip: AVID                                      ,
        Sire:                                                ,

        Dam:                                                 .
The Buyer agrees to take good and reasonable care of this dog, feed and house this dog properly, and promptly to give or secure the best of attention to this dog's physical welfare.

In the event that the Buyer wishes to sell this dog at a later date, the Seller will have a 24 hours right of first refusal. It is also agreed that if the Buyer decides to have this dog killed for reasons other than illness or injury, or to leave this dog at the Pound or Humane Society, he will offer to return said dog to the Seller first.

If this dog is returned to the Seller for any reason, the signed AKC registration or application for registration and signed supplemental transfer form transferring ownership to the Seller will accompany him

The Buyer agrees that the first six letters of this dog's name will be CHERUB.
Please no
additions or deviations of the spelling of Cherub.

The Seller shall be entitled to repossess this dog if evidence is provided that this dog is receiving inhumane treatment. If such a condition is not corrected within Twenty-four hours after notice is given by the Seller, the Seller shall be entitled under the terms hereof to repossess said dog and obtain full ownership thereof and no refund of any amount that has been paid to the Seller shall be made.

No guarantees of any type are offered or implied by this contract except those that are specifically so stated. No money will be refunded in whole or in part.  There is no guarantee that any cream colored puppy will have a black nose and if the puppy has a black nose that it will stay black.
Also there is no guarantee against entropion since it is not entirely hereditary.

This dog is sold in good health with all vaccinations current. If a veterinarian issues a written statement stating that said dog is not in good health, this dog may be returned to the Seller within forty eight hours of the time of receipt and the Seller will replace this dog with another of approximately the same quality and sex as soon as one becomes available.

The Seller guarantees this dog's adult bite to be scissors or level, hips to pass OFA until 2 1/2 years of age and against any congenital disability that would make this dog unworthy for breeding that is evident by one year of age. This guarantee is void if this dog has been used for any breeding purposes. If any of the above mentioned conditions are found, the Buyer will furnish written proof of such a condition to the Seller along with a certificate of spaying or neutering and the Seller will replace this dog with another of approximately the same quality and sex when one becomes available without any additional cost to the Buyer except for shipping fees, if any.

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This contract is void unless signed and dated by both parties.