Report Date: 11/10/2003


Awards Record

CH Cherub Killing Me Softly


Reg Name: CH Cherub Killing Me Softly
Reg #: NM793947/01 Breed/Variety: Chow Chow
Birth Date: 07/22/1998 Sex: Male


Competition: Conformation - Awards Processed Through 10/28/2003
Number of Points 15
Number Major Wins 3
Number Major Judges 3
Total Number Judges 8
Event Date Event Name Judge Class Placement Points
07/17/1999 Portland Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Shirley M. Uphouse Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. 2nd  
07/18/1999 Greater Clark County Kennel Club Inc Mr. Alan L. Harper Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. 1st  
03/23/2001 North Texas Chow Chow Club Ms. Dorothy D. Nickles Open Rough Coat, Black 1st  
03/24/2001 Fort Worth Kennel Club Dr. Gerard C. Penta Open 3rd  
03/25/2001 Texas Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Anne T. Fleming Open Rough Coat, Black 1st  
03/26/2001 Trinity Valley Kennel Club Mrs. Mavis Cochrane Open 2nd  
03/31/2001 Chow Chow Club, Inc. Mrs. Michele L. Billings Open Black 2nd  
05/25/2001 Muskogee Kennel Club, Inc. Mr. Robin L. Stansell Open 1st  
  Mr. Robin L. Stansell Winners Reserve Winner  
05/26/2001 Muskogee Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Peggy A. Hogg Open 1st  
  Mrs. Peggy A. Hogg Winners Reserve Winner  
05/27/2001 Seminole Kennel Club Mr. Timothy S. Robbins Open 1st  
  Mr. Timothy S. Robbins Winners Winners 1
05/28/2001 Seminole Kennel Club Mrs. Anitra Cuneo Open 1st  
  Mrs. Anitra Cuneo Winners Reserve Winner  
06/02/2001 Flatirons Kennel Club Mr. J. Robert Jacobsen Open 2nd  
06/03/2001 Evergreen Colorado Kennel Club Mrs. R. Ellen Fetter Open 1st  
  Mrs. R. Ellen Fetter Winners Reserve Winner  
06/09/2001 Colorado Springs Kennel Club Mr. Roger R. Hartinger Open 1st  
06/10/2001 Colorado Springs Kennel Club Mrs. Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier Open 1st  
  Mrs. Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier Winners Reserve Winner  
07/27/2001 Wisconsin Chow Chow Club, Inc. Ms. Mary L Wuest Open Black 1st  
07/28/2001 Kettle Moraine Kennel Club, Inc. Mr. Alan L. Harper Open Black 1st  
  Mr. Alan L. Harper Winners Reserve Winner  
07/29/2001 Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc. Mr. Norman L. Patton Open Black 1st  
07/30/2001 Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club Mrs. Alfred (Esme) E. Treen Open Black 1st  
  Mrs. Alfred (Esme) E. Treen Winners Winners 1
07/31/2001 Elkhorn Kennel Club Mrs. Michele L. Billings Open Black 1st  
  Mrs. Michele L. Billings Winners Winners 1
08/11/2001 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Keke Kahn Open 1st  
08/12/2001 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Karen S. McFarlane Open 1st  
  Mrs. Karen S. McFarlane Winners Reserve Winner  
08/18/2001 Greeley Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Olga Smid Open 1st  
  Mrs. Olga Smid Winners Reserve Winner  
08/19/2001 Greeley Kennel Club, Inc. Mr. Raymond T. Swidersky Open 1st  
  Mr. Raymond T. Swidersky Winners Winners  
  Mr. Raymond T. Swidersky Best of Breed/Variety Best of Winners 3
08/24/2001 Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club of Georgia Ms. Betty Regina Leininger Open 1st  
  Ms. Betty Regina Leininger Winners Winners 3
08/25/2001 Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier Open 1st  
  Mrs. Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier Winners Winners  
  Mrs. Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier Best of Breed/Variety Best of Winners 2
08/26/2001 Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia Mr. Randy E. Garren Open 1st  
  Mr. Randy E. Garren Winners Winners  
  Mr. Randy E. Garren Best of Breed/Variety Best of Winners 3
08/30/2001 Southeast Alabama Kennel Club Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin Open 2nd  
  Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin Winners Reserve Winner  
08/31/2001 Columbus Kennel Club Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo Open 2nd  
  Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo Winners Reserve Winner  
09/01/2001 Macon Kennel Club Mr. Clinton M. Harris Open 1st  
  Mr. Clinton M. Harris Winners Winners  
  Mr. Clinton M. Harris Best of Breed/Variety Best of Winners 1
Total Points: 15
Total Number of Awards: 52



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